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All of us are striving to be true to ourselves and our loved ones around us. Feeling authentic and true to who we are can assist us in living life the way we would like to. Sometimes, our mood-related difficulties and our life experiences can get in the way our authenticity. You could be experiencing mood-related difficulties as a reaction to grief, trauma, depression, substance use, chronic illnesses, identity issues, cross-cultural issues, and relational difficulties.

I have extensive experience in working with individuals struggling with anxiety, depression, grief, trauma, relational difficulties, chronic illnesses, cultural issues, post-partum, and caregiver burnout. I have an active, honest, solution-focused and direct approach with my clients. I utilize CBT, ACT, logotherapy, and DBT techniques within a psychoanalytic framework with my clients. I also view suffering through existential and humanistic lenses and occasionally incorporate humor and philosophy in the therapeutic work.

Initiating therapy is often the hardest first step. I strive to create an encouraging, safe, and respectful space in therapy for your feelings, experiences, and life goals. Give me a call today for a free 15-20 minute phone consultation to learn more about one another, and to discuss a plan.


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